​ Work habits, products used, color matching, etc.

PICKING THE RIGHT COLOR can be easy, or anything but easy. Here are two excellent tips on how to save yourself some time and grief...

​1. Pick the painter BEFORE you pick the exact color! Because...

(a) Then you know for certain which brand of primers and paints will be used and you can choose directly from that manufacturer's color palate... no room for error here folks!
(b) You can choose from the full CONTRACTOR'S COLOR DECK, as opposed to the brochures from the store.                                                         
(c) A professional painter can give you suggestions on colors and color combos, if you want. At FAMOUS PAINTERS, I consider it part of my job to apply test patterns of paint if you're not certain about the exact shade. If you like a color that's on somebody else's home, I can (diplomatically) track that down for you too! And I have taken, and will take the time to do cross matches from other color palates, old paint cans, carpets, drapes, tile, etc.

2. DON'T BUY those small bottles of test paint they try to sell you at paint and home improvement stores. They're trained to sell them because of the huge mark-up, but they usually don't give you an accurate idea of the actual color when purchased in gallons. It's a long story as to why, but please trust my experience on this!

WHAT'S THE BEST PAINT to use? Good question... you ask ten different painters, you'll probably get ten different answers. FAMOUS PAINTERS is not married to any one paint company. There are several brands I wouldn't hesitate to use on anyone's home. There are a few brands, from experience, I simply will not use. I firmly believe using "bargain paints" is simply not a bargain. FAMOUS PAINTERS uses only top grade paints from manufactures that have been in business for decades. Such as, Sherwin Williams, Pittsburgh Paints and Spectrum Paints. When we meet I will be happy to explain why.

PAINTING PROCEDURES are seldom exactly the same. There are many variables... type of surface, condition of surface, your personal preferences, etc. The best time to go over step by step procedures is while we're both standing there looking at your house or rooms. For now, I'll simply mention that I and my painters KNOW, that in most cases, the prep-work is even MORE important than the finish painting. You can have the best equipment, use the best paints, do a fine job of applying the paint... but if the surface isn't first prepared properly *(power-washing, scraping, sanding, caulking, spackeling, priming) it WILL NOT LAST, and in many cases, won't look very good to start with.

​ If you're looking for a quality paint job, with competitive pricing, from a company that knows what they're doing and takes pride in their work... we're good people to call.

​*Preparation procedures vary, according to job-type and customer preference.
PICKING THE COLOR can be easy, or anything but, easy. Here's two excellent tips on how to save yourself some time and grief....At FAMOUS PAINTERS, (more...)



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