It all starts with a simple phone call

​Detailed proposals are left with potential customers, with exact job description and pricing. Please do your best (I know it's not always possible) to contact me, or any contractor, well in advance of when you want to have the work done. Then I can get you on my schedule and do my best to satisfy any time line you might have.

** Important, I'm NOT one of those guys that tells you I'll be there next week, then shows up in five weeks! But, remember, we're at the mercy of the weather here in Nebraska.**

ESTIMATES ARE FREE. All I ask is that at least one of the home or property owners is present. It simply saves a lot time, confusion or possible misunderstanding if both party's are present up front, and helps to assure the customer is getting what they want, at the end.

I prefer to bid jobs during regular business hours, or on weekends. If that doesn't work for you, I've been known to make evening calls. In our initial meeting, I just won't ramble on about how great we are (well, maybe a little), I'll ask you what YOU WANT done and take a GOOD LOOK at your house, trouble shooting for any possible problem areas, so there's no surprises later on. I'll recommend top quality primers and paints that are best suited for your particular situation, and explain all the steps we'll take to ensure a job well done. The bottom line is, I'll have YOUR best interests in mind. If you want to wait, or talk to other painters before deciding, I won't call you back unless YOU ASK me to.

DOWN PAYMENT is normally -0- ... in most cases, you won't have to part with a dime of your hard earned money until the job is finished and you're a happy camper. We do ask for payment, in full, upon completion... no credit cards, please.

--We won't try to boost your pricing at the end of the job. Agreed upon pricing will not change unless the customer changes the original job description or adds additional work.

--NO CUTTING CORNERS. Famous Painters will live up to the work description, as detailed in the proposal.

--FAMOUS PAINTERS will work hard to ensure you get a QUALITY paint job. We get nearly two thirds of our business from previous customer recommendations... SATISFIED CUSTOMERS keep us in business!

​ --INSURANCE  Liability Coverage is set at $1,00,000.00.  We will provide a current insurance certificate upon request, simply ask us or you may call our current insurance agent Steve Mason at 402.483.7861.
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Detailed proposals are left with potential customers, with exact job description and pricing. Please do your best (I know it's not always possible) to contact me, or any (more...)



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