CELL PHONE... 402 – 560 – 8156

I can normally be reached at this number during the daytime. The exception would be, if I'm high atop a ladder or rooftop. If you don't get an answer, please leave a message and I'll call you back as soon as my hands are free.

5356 Lowell Ave Lincoln, NE. 68506
PICKING THE COLOR can be easy, or anything but, easy. Here's two excellent tips on how to save yourself some time and grief....At FAMOUS PAINTERS, (more...)



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Detailed proposals are left with potential customers, with exact job description and pricing. Please do your best (I know it's not always possible) to contact me, or any (more...)



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FAMOUS PAINTERS has painted everything from a 70 year old garage in the Malone area, to high-end new houses in Fallbrook. From a huge old barn at a University of (more...)

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FAMOUS PAINTERS is a state certified corporation. Accredited by the Better Business Bureau as a highly rated Honor Roll member. On the “Approved” (more...)

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